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Welcome to MyTilapia - your source of Tilapia fillet and wholefish! is headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. We are a frozen Tilapia importer, distributor and wholesaler that serve US distributors and supermarkets. Our main products include red Tilapia and black Tilapia. We have Tilapia raised in the ponds or with net cages in deep mountain reservoir lakes. is the most reliable B2B frozen Tilapia fillet and wholefish supplier. Supported by our affiliated farms and packer plants, we are our customers' #1 source of Tilapia products. All our Tilapia products are 100% Net Weight guaranteed. By working directly with our HACCP/BRC/BAP certified and FDA registered farms, packers and national wide cold storages, we have proved ourselves to be  the most reliable and sustainable source of Tilapia fish and fillet for our customers.

Beside full container load (FCL) Tilapia shipment, MyTilapia also arrange mixed load as well as LCL Tilapia wholesale orders. By streamline our Tilapia products from hatchery, ponds and packers' processing plants to our customers' warehouse shelf, MyTilapia provides product traceability, ensures food safety and helps to reduce the carbon footage during the import, distribution and storage process. Our superior logistic management and communication channels save our customers thousands of dollars each year.

Your satisfaction is our commitment.

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Food Safety: HACCP/BRC/BAP certified Farm,Processor & Packer

MyTilapia's Commitment to Food Safety: HACCP/BRC/BAP certified Farms, Processors & Packers
HACCP - BRC - BAP Certified

USA #1 Tilapia Whole Fish and Fillet Importer, Distributor & Wholesaler. Your direct and best B2B source of Tilapia!
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